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Finding out the tumor is back

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

2 years ago my life forever changed, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor 🎗and 2 years ago today 1/18/16 I was in brain surgery to remove that tumor. Today I am headed to UCLA for a Dopa Pet Scan and a final Pre Op appointment because unfortunately I found out my brain tumor has grown back. 💔

I have not told many people yet including a lot of my family and friends. I wanted to enjoy the holidays and end 2017 positively without thinking about it and get into this new year that I have lots of hope for. It is a lot easier for me to just put it out there this way rather then having to tell each person and relive the moment of finding out over and over. I will be going in for my second surgery this Tuesday Jan 23rd. This time around I have chosen top neurosurgeon Dr. Linda Liau at UCLA and have no doubt all will be good! She is confident she can remove 90% and that the grade and type will hopefully remain the same. I have had an amazing past 2 years since my first surgery so have no complaints. I have also made a lot of new friends that are probably reading this right now and are very confused. 🤔When I meet someone it’s not really the first thing that I want to bring up 😬and since I’ve been feeling good there’s no reason. My story for those wondering WTF is I was diagnosed 2 years ago with a grade 2 mixed oligoastrocytoma brain tumor. It was found after having a grand mal seizure while out to dinner with a friend. I went in for surgery a few days after and since then have remained stable on all my MRIs until this past one in November. I got the news that the tumor was back and too large to try any treatments so my option was another surgery. As I am terrified and dreading this I am also optimistic and positive on the outcome. This time I will be moving forward with an even different view on life that will include many many lifestyle changes to hopefully prevent the tumor from ever coming back 🙏🏼 I post this not for sympathy but because after I found out the first time the positive vibes, prayers and energy made each day better and gave me the hope and strength to keep on keeping on and all would work out. I am so lucky and so thankful to have the most amazing and supportive husband, parents, sister, family and group of friends. I honestly don’t know what I would do without all of you. I also hope that by me sharing my story and being open and honest I can help others who have been through, going through or will go through a similar situation know you have someone to talk to. I never complain about my tumor or feel sorry for myself which is why most people would never in a million years know I have a brain tumor because I don’t talk about it but lately realized maybe I should. I have been able to relate to so many others going through the same situation and offer hope to those going through other types of cancer as well. Everyday we are here on earth is another reason for us all to realize we are lucky and IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE!! I think this to myself every morning because it truly could be so much worse and soooo many other people out there have it worse!!! You never know what someone else is going through. I am alive and barely have any symptoms so I consider myself lucky that this is what I have been given to deal with. Next time you complain about something think about it and what it COULD be. Thank you to everyone in advance for all the prayers, love, positive vibes and those that message me about your health stories and treatment ideas. I appreciate them all and will get back to you and keep everyone posted on everything as soon as I can!! I did this once I can sure as hell do it again!!!!!🙌🏻❤️ I also have been in the process of creating a website/blog to really document my journey and keep those interested posted on everything!!! I will have frequent updates and get creative! ☺️So check it out www.kelseysjourney.com #kels#kelseysjourney #strongertheniimagined #lovedmoretheniknew #prayingforacure #braintumorssuck #itcouldalwaysbeworse 🙏🏼❤️🤞🏼

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