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First week of treatments DONE

Well, reality finally hit me. This tumor was still in my brain even after a second surgery and not going anywhere so the next step is 6 weeks of radiation and a year of Temodar chemotherapy to try and destroy what is leftover. After getting my radiation mask fitted which honestly was not bad! I was prepared for the worst. My claustrophobia is non existent anymore since I get MRIs so often and if you are going through this or about to then trust me the MRIs are way worse then getting the mask made and the actually treatment so don't worry!! Next, picking up the Temodar chemotherapy that is when it all set in. Reading over the labels and warnings and realizing these small innocent looking pills are not "just a pill" these pills are about to destroy all the cells in my body but if thats what it takes to murder this remaining tumor then so be it!! I mean you can't even touch them! You have to wear gloves so imagine what they are doing inside my body!! I can't take any supplements or antioxidants either.

My first radiation session I didnt know what to really expect. I mean I watched the videos and saw the machine but until you have your first session its all in your mind. So here's what happens, you lay down on the table, they put your mask on, then bolt it to the table which makes the mask extremely tight on your face so you can't move and they can make sure it is in the EXACT location it needs to be. You don't want that thing radiating spots it doesn't need to be. Then the machine starts and moves around your face pointing lasers to the radiation target points and a strange metal like smell comes every now and then so I just close my mouth during that smell! If you have a history of seizures then you know that metal I am talking about so it kind of made me freak the first time but I got over it. The session is only about 10-15 minutes and the first one seems long but once you get used to it, its super fast and hopefully you have a cool radiation team and look forward to talking to them daily. Mine lets me play whatever music I want and they always have a heated blanket for me (I am always cold)! If they don't do this for you…..make them from now on! :) The only side effects I can say I have had is my head feeling swollen, minor headaches that tylenol and cannabis oil helped with and a little nauseas feeling but the tylenol and oil helped with also and that was really just the first 3/4 days now I feel fine! I got my routine down for the oils which has also been my miracle with the Temodar as well…see below!

Now the Temodar another you don't exactly know what to expect until you swallow those first pills. I am on 120mgs so it is 2 pills. I take them at 11pm every night. You have to have an empty stomach so I made the time 11pm so I stop eating at 9pm. The first night I did not take the Zofran (anti nausea pill) which you can take an hour before the Temodar if desired. Well I do not desire to take any more pills then I am already on so I decided to see what happens without it. Well…..I woke up super nauseas and throwing up so that was a fun experiment! I ended up taking the Zofran after about 5 runs to the bathroom. Then I felt fine and the rest of the day. That night an hour before Temodar I decided to take the Zofran to avoid the morning bathroom puke sesh. Well I ended up still being super nauseas and on top of that had a raging headache so had to take Tylenol. That didnt help and all day I had the worst headache and was miserable so needed to take pain meds. That night I didnt want to take the Zofran because I had read tons of reviews it can cause headaches, which it sure did so was determined to NOT use it again. My headache finally went away during the night and the next day woke up threw up, felt better and started taking a mixure of CBD and THC oils. With the oils at night before bed I also diffuse frankincense essential oil (great for inflammation) and put drops of peppermint oil behind my ears, on my chest and stomach and on the bottom of both feet. Since then I have been feeling great!! I mean amazing great!!! I haven't had a headache or any nausea and even started working out every day during the week. It makes it a lot easier to get in this routine and you will overall just feel better!! Wear your gym clothes go to radiation, gym, home to eat, shower, nap and then do what you gotta do during the day before you take your Temodar at night.

During treatments I am still sticking to my own holistic protocols which is actually even more important during this crucial time of shrinking down the remaining tumor as much as possible. Ketogenic diet, NO sugar, NO carbs, cannabis oils a mixture of THC and CBD and depending on the size of your tumor depends on how much and the ratio you need to be taking, essential oils (peppermint and frankincense), spices on everything turmeric, cayenne, garlic, sodium is OK, healthy fats and oils, and budwig protocol at least once a day!!

So week 1 down and so far really not bad! 5 weeks left of radiation and my first Temodar cycle. On the last day of radiation I also get a 2 week break from Temodar. From there I will go on cycles of 5 days on, 23 off so not bad! I also am determined to cut my Chemo short by using all the holistic approaches!!! The sooner I get off the sooner I get to get pregnant!! That gives me the strength to stay positive, smiling and determined to knock this out!!!!! I want kids!! I want to give kids to my husband and grandchildren to my parents and in laws! My only complaint I have of all this right now is that I have the same symptoms as I would if I were pregnant like a "normal" 32 year old but I have them because I am in a battle of beating brain cancer. Its bummed me out, not gonna lie! BUT it will happen and the more determination and strength I have the sooner it will!!!

Summary of to do's during treatments:

*Keto Diet

*Drink more water than you can imagine

*Cannabis Oil (THC/CBD mix)

*Frankincense and peppermint essential oils



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