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How do I stay positive with a brain cancer diagnosis

Life happens for you. In many circumstances it is extremely hard to understand this. The question of why is an easy one to ask but also one we may never find the answer to unless we answer it for ourselves. I am told so often wow you are so positive with being dealt such a card, how do you do it??? My answer is usually you JUST DO. There are only a few options and I choose positivity, its just easier and less stressful. Of course I have asked the question WHY? WHY ME? What did I ever do??? I have done everything right why me and what now? I have put in my mind, me, because I CAN handle it. Most people couldn't, and I know that. THIS is NOT by any means easy. I may make it look easy at times but inside you have no idea. Any diagnosis is tough but learning I had brain cancer 2 months after getting married and buying a home in Portugal, and 1 month after my 32nd birthday and then at the actual appt where I was excited to plan our future of starting a family, yeah it wasn't easy. I am a planner and was eager and excited to plan the next step and then my doctor came in and said NO actually this is what is going to happen next. Some days are not easy, thats reality. I AM positive, but a lot of days I give everything I have to be that positive person. Only those that are in my shoes or walked in them before really know the struggle.

I live my life with positive vibes and always have. When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor almost 2.5 years ago I immediately had to shift my negative thoughts to positivity. I didn’t know why this happened or what would happen but if I kept staying happy and positive I knew it would all just work itself out. I knew I could get through it. The first step was brain surgery and I knew if I could do that I could do anything!!!!!!

After my recurrence this past November, another brain surgery, a change in my tumor and now undergoing radiation and chemotherapy it is the only way to be, positive. If I can radiate positive vibes during the hardest time of my life then anyone can. If I can offer hope, inspiration, a smile, a laugh or some tough love then I have had a great day and hopefully made someone else’s day better. You also realize that people are such complainers and over nothing, if you can change or fix it then don't complain!! You know how many people would love to trade their sickness for your sinus infection, cough, stubbed toe etc. I mean come on, even I don't complain so if you have to I suggest thinking about what it COULD be and realize your petty problem could be way worse.

When you hear the word fight used that is because this is a fight. A true fight for life and normality. Every single day is a fight and for most will be a fight for the rest of their life. Phases of surgery and treatments are for sure the hardest of the fight but it is something that never fully goes away. The damage these treatments due short and long term and for many PTSD is REAL. Dealing with cancer whatever kind it may be is a fight. I am in this fight but not alone, and am so very lucky for that. I am surrounded with my husband, family and friends. You sure realize who are your true family and friends once something like this happens. I have dropped many and also learned that SOOOO many are so amazing and you know who you are and I appreciate you sooooo very much!!! I have also met so many amazing people along this journey that I don’t think I would have had the pleasure to meet if I didn’t have cancer. Having a group of women that can fully relate to what I am going through and already know my daily struggles without having to tell them makes it all easier. No one should ever have to be alone during this dark time. There is so much light out there! And if that light means being able to laugh and somehow find humor in the fact our hair is falling out, nausea and so many other things that go on then it makes it all that much better. If you are alone, please reach out to me and I would be more than happy to be the friend you need!

Be grateful! Every morning wake up, take a deep breathe, realize you are lucky to have taken that breathe and be alive, think of your positive thought for the day and live that positivity throughout the day. Have a goal in mind and hit that goal. Please realize how lucky you are and that it COULD always be worse. And it could change in a matter of minutes. Life is short, live each day like it is. I promise if you live a life of positive vibes it will shine out to the world and you will reach others without even knowing it half the time!

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