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Life post cancer treatments

A day in my life, a day in anyone's life during or post cancer is never the same and although treatments are "over" they are never really over. Unless you are trusting that the surgery, chemo and radiation is going to work and keep you cancer free forever then NO you are not done with treatments and even if you do decide not to do anything else to your lifestyle you still are not done. I also suggest you don't go right back to your old lifestyle and make some changes. Why did we get cancer to begin with?? We will never really ever know but something we were doing was off and moving forward I don't know about you but I will and do everything possible I can to be the best version of myself. No matter my outcome I feel better and want to enjoy every day I have left on this earth. Even if its small steps like more exercise, more positivity, more goal setting, eating healthier, cutting the toxic things out (food, people, habits), enjoying life more, the list goes on of ways to improve your overall mentality. Watch HEAL on Netflix!!!! It is such an eye opener to the power of our minds, positive and self talk.

Cancer treatments go way beyond what anyone can imagine. You see someone going through their treatments and counting down the days left of chemo, radiation, etc. but that is really just the beginning. The beginning of a long, never ending road! I know some people think that now because I did my treatments that I am "doing great" well, I am doing great, for the most part. The part you see on social media. You don't see my tears, fears, thoughts and pain. Since ending my radiation and temodar this past October 2018 I have gotten extreme back pain and aches. My toe nails have fallen off, my nails are rigid, my hair is grown back....its soooo curly and black its funny but I know this is common "chemo curls" I am lucky how fast it grew back. I started seeing a physcial therapist and chiropractor to work on my back pain and I see them M-F. I have to heat and ice all day through the day in order to get anything done. I cntinue to eat organic keto style. I have incorporated intermitten fasting and looking to start a 24hr. fast once a week. The more I read up on it the more intrigued I am on the power of it. I see an acupuntuirst every other week and am also trying to practice more meditation. I still have anxiety, fear and mini seizures. Not always but they still come every now and then.

I recently saw cancer explained by a woman Sherry McAllister and it was spot on!! So accurate to what it feels like daily to have cancer or a lifelong illness.

Imagine you're going about your day, minding your own business, when someone sneaks up behind you...

You feel something press up against the back of your head, as someone whispers in your ear.

"Sssshhhhh.... don't turn around. Just listen. I am holding a gun against the back of your head. I'm going to keep it there. I'm going to follow you around like this every day, for the rest of your life."

"I'm going to press a bit harder, every so often, just to remind you I'm here, but you need to try your best to ignore me, to move on with your life. Act like I'm not here, but don't you ever forget... one day I may just pull the trigger... or maybe I won't. Isn't this going to be a fun game?"

This is what it is like to be diagnosed with cancer. Any STAGE of cancer. Any KIND of cancer. Remission does not change the constant fear. It never truly goes away. It's always in the back of your mind.

Please, if you have a loved one who has ever been diagnosed with cancer, remember this. They may never talk about it or they may talk about it often. Listen to them. They aren't asking you to make it better. They want you to sit with them in their fear... their sadness... their anger... just for the moment. That's it.

Don't try to talk them out of how they are feeling. That doesn't help. It will only make them feel like what they are going through is being minimized. Don't remind them of all the good things they still have in their life. They know. They are grateful. But some days they are more aware of that gun pressing into the back of their head and they need to talk about it. Offer them an ear.

❤Sherry McAllister❤

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