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My 6th and FINAL chemo cycle

Yesterday I began my 6th cycle of Temodar chemotherapy and my FINAL one! It is a major relief but also a bit scary. After much thought, discussion, doctors appts, research, anxiety and trusting my gut I have decided to end at this cycle and discontinue further treatments. I have been suggested to finish 12 cycles but only because that is the “standard protocol”...and for the past 21 years, NOT because it will work any better to do 12 but because it’s the “standard”. Well, I’m not standard and not going to do another 6 months just because. No studies, no evidence, nothing to make me feel confident it is better, nada. It’s been a frustrating decision because I have gotten the same answer from 6 doctors that 6 months VS 12 months has no proven evidence which works better. Either one is good with them and they don’t see a difference SO the way I see it...why put my body through another 6 months of pure poison if it’s not fully required, highly suggested and confident it will work better?! As of now I am looking good, remain stable and I feel it is best for myself and future life to stop. I feel and see myself aging and changing. I know I am naturally aging haha I just turned 33 last week! But this is different, I feel like I’ve aged 10 years, I constantly ache, the 5 days are pure hell, my memory is foggy especially short term , the long term effects are even worse and I read about it and see it everyday, it scares me.

I will however not be stopping everything. I will be continuing my holistic approaches and MRI's every 3 months. I am confident in holistic medicines especially cannabis and feel as of now this is the best way to proceed forward. I follow a strict Ketogenic diet filled with a lot of supplements, cannabis oil (THC 1:1 & CBD), acupuncture, massage therapy, exercise and other things to release toxins. I will be adding even more things to hopefully have better results and maybe even better than the chemo??? We will never know what truly worked but all I know is that I am confident it is going to work!!! I do so many things it’s hard to say what’s even working to keep me stable? I am confident and truly trust the power of cannabis, herbs, alternative medicines and staying positive!!! I will be adding in Chinese medicines, mushrooms and herbs prescribed by my acupuncturist, begin Ozone therapy, possibly hyperbaric therapy, highly upping my dose of THC and begin RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), working with a naturopathic oncologist and adding in TONS of supplements and vitamins. Once I get down my new protocol I will outline it all in a blog so you can follow along and if you are going through the same be able to implement things into your routine!

Thank you in advance for all the love, support and prayers. I am incredibly lucky to have so much support along this journey!!! It’s not easy but it’s a lot easier being around so many people with positive vibes, intentions and surroundings. Xoxo

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