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Radiation and 1st chemo cycle complete

What a relief!!! At first 6 weeks seems like its going to be quick and after the first week you are like OK this isn't at all as bad as I thought it would be but then into week 3 you realize that "6 weeks" is a full month and a half of going into the hospital M-F, getting blood drawn weekly, taking the Temodar every single night, not forgetting your 3 times a week antibiotic, side effects are kicking in and keeping up with everything else going on and remaining hopeful and positive. The first 2 days were hard just because it was reality hitting me that this is really happening. Once I got in the routine of using cannabis oil (THC and CBD oils and a Vape pen) and essential oils (Peppermint for nausea and Frankincense to inflammation and overall healing), eating 100% Keto and consistently to help with the side effects and avoiding any more pharmaceuticals I was good to go. I will break down my experience week by week.

Week 1-Not bad. I felt sickish the first 3 days. Your body is adjusting and realizing WTH is going on. So once you get started and realize the routine needed to make you tolerate the side effects of inflammation, headaches and nausea you will be good! There weren't many other side effects that will happen so if you can fix these in the beginning you will be good to go.

Week 2-Still not too bad. My appetite was reduced and food just wasn't sounding good at all! So I mainly was eating protein shakes with fruit, protein bars and some soup. When I was hungry I would eat a lot knowing just in case the next day I wasn't hungry I would eat enough then. KETO all the way!!!!!!

Week 3- Hair loss begins! And the feeling of overall tiredness began. I still kept up with the gym a few times a week but also wasn't taking any naps so I started experiencing focal seizures for 4 days in a row. I talked to my Dr.'s and they upped my keppra dose 1000mg. I currently am already on 1000mg 2xs a day so want about to go up to 3000 a day!!!! I opted to try napping, remaining stress free and took an extra 5 drops a day of pure CBD and remained seizure free since!!!!!!

Week 4-Hair loss really happened!! I mean chunks and all over, way more then I expected!!! The hair loss comes from the root so it will seem like a lot in the beginning and like most people especially women :) I had my moment of freaking out then went back to the ok its all good, its just hair, it will grow back, it could be worse, I got this!!!

Week 5- Still going good! My appetite came back so I was able to eat more, my energy is still ok. My doctors thought I was crazy because I never napped! So far I took like 3 naps!! I started incorporating more holistic healing approaches at this point. Still exercise, reiki, acupuncture and massage therapy. My insurance covers my acupuncture and massage therapy so heck yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh I am taking full advantage and suggest you do too!!!

Week 6-I def started feeling the effects of it all! I had to rest and nap every day and didnt go to the gym although did some type of activity like a walk or stairs etc. Find the stairs at your hospital and take those instead of the elevator!!! Thats what we did!! And then before you know it….YOU ARE DONE! That last pill you swallow, the last time you put on that damn mask and hear the lasers and smell the smells!! I walked out of radiation and burst into tears!!! I knew I would do it but the feeling was overwhelming I DID IT!!! And YOU WILL DO IT TOO!!!!! Stay strong its totally a mindset as well. STAY POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!

Week 7-Ah DONE! Radiation forever! And Temodar I will begin the middle/end of May. I still feel tired and its made me sit back, think and realize what I just did. It was hard, it was mentally, physically and emotionally hard. It is easy to do but what comes from doing it is another story.

Week 8- Now I wait…..I wait for my MRI which takes place next week May 9th and I am insane anxiety over it. I know it worked!!! But how well???? What if it didnt? BUT what if it did?? What if I get a result like its ALL gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send me positive vibes and prayers please!!!!! I will keep you posted on the results and another blog I am working on is more detail into my cannbis dosage, diet, holistic alternatives, supplements, antioxidants ETC.

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