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Temodar cycles and finally home in Portugal

It has been a while since I have written a blog so here I am with some updates. All good news! I am feeling good and back home in Portugal..finally! Many have seen my pictures and think I am on vacation but in fact I am home, in Portimao, Portugal. I am from California but been back and forth the past few summers with my husband (he is from here) and then last year decided we wanted to live here full time and bought an apartment. We went back to Redondo Beach for the holidays and found out the devastating news about my recurrence and decided to do surgery and treatments there at UCLA. I was in CA the past 9 months finishing up what needed to be done and luckily temodar is in pill form so I am able to continue to do that here. My last 2 MRI's showed I am stable which is good so we came back here July 18th to enjoy the summer and move into our new place. I finished round 3 of my temodar cycle July 26th and it went well! The cycle before not so much!!! I was crazy nauseas, dizzy, certain smells made me wanna throw up and I had no appetite at all. Before this round I also wasn't feeling the best and I think it was the late effects from radiation. I didn't feel good the entire time and could barely leave the house. It was frustrating and depressing. So this cycle being good was a huge relief! My dose is at 260mg and they want me up to 340mg. I will remain on 260 the next couple months and then going to decide what to do from there. The standard protocol is to do a full year of 12 cycles. BUT there is also no proven evidence that 12 months is more effective then 6 or 8 so why torture myself if its not proven to work better??? As of now I plan to go to at least 8 cycles. The MRI will be the judge. I still have my neurology  team at UCLA and am excited to meet the new doctors I will be working with here in Portugal. We will all be working together to monitor the tumor and make sure it doesn't grow. I get my blood drawn once a month to make sure all my counts are where they need to be and will get an MRI done every 2-3 months. My last one was June 20th and was looking good and stable so I plan to get my next one done in September. Will keep you posted on the results. 

As for diet I am still 100% Keto and feel great! I have upped my dosage of CBD and THC because hearing my tumor did not shrink was frustrating so I am on a mission and I truly believe in what THC can do to kill cancer cells. In this brain tumor world stable is good news and I will be happy with anything but growing but I want to hear SHRINKING!! I feel Europe is ahead of the States when it comes to healthcare so I am excited to hear what my new doctors here have to say about everything. I also was recommended some top Neuro Oncologists in other countries so if I feel the need I could always go and meet with them. I want to feel confident I am on the road to being tumor free. I am also going to be starting a regime of supplements soon so will also do an updated post on that so you all can have that info and look into them. I was set up on this plan by a Naturopathic Neuro Oncologist Dr. Kristin Green in Thousand Oaks, CA before I left. 

As always I remain hopeful and positive! I hope you all are enjoying the summer and keeping active, happy and positive!!! Remember I am always here if you need a little tough love!!! :) XOXO 

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