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TIPS for Radiation and Temodar

How did I do so well during treatments? Well let me tell you!! #stuffyourdoctorsdonttellyou

Tip 1- The hair flip trick: I knew I was going to lose my hair in the spot of radiation so I thought what if I flip my hair over while under the mask and then it would just get rid of the hair underneath? Right? Yes. I did lose hair all over but only went bald and lost the majority of hair where the radiation hit which was the area of hair under what I flipped. So from the beginning when getting the mask made I suggest the hair flip trick.

Tip 2- Ketogenic diet: I followed this before starting treatments and suggest you do the same!!!! It was 100% part of the reason I did so well. I avoided putting any crap into my body. You are what you eat and it will make a huge difference. If you have netflix I suggest checking out The Magic Pill, its a documentary on the benefits of the Keto diet and how it helps with SO many things. #1 brain health.

Tip 3- Cannabis: This was a life saver!! I take CBD and THC oils separately and get from a local supplier where I live in California so I know it is 100% pure & organic. I took 2 drops of each (2mg per drop) 4 times a day. I also use a company called jetty extracts and use their 15:1 oil (1 drop) in the am in my bulletproof decaf coffee and also use their Vape pen to prevent any nausea or anxiety.

Tip 4- Essential oils- I use Doterra peppermint right after I take Temodar. I rub in on the bottom of both feet, in a clockwise circle on my stomach, on my chest, below each ear along my neck and inhale before calling asleep. I took my Temodar at 11pm so right after would go to sleep. I also use Copaiba and Frankincese every day! I diffuse every other day for the inflammation caused by the radiation and use topically both behind ears and along the entire tumor site. I then finish it on the roof of my mouth so I make sure to never waste any of it!! :)

Tip 5- Mental: I know this is tough its not easy but you need to know it is all going to be OK!!!!! We are doing this and going through this because we know this will work and give us a long and happy future!

Exercise-Try your hardest to go as much as you can! I went 3-4 times a week and did as much as I could even if it was just 30 mins and then stretch out.

Stay positive- This is a mindset stay positive!!!!! If you have hope and know it will work then it will!!!!!

Tip 6- Holistic Healing

Reiki-One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body's natural healing abilities (immune system), aids in better sleep and improves and maintains health. Reiki also balances the mind and emotions.

Acupuncture-Also insurance covered. Acupuncture has demonstrated benefit to cancer patients in the following areas: Pain Management: Acupuncture is very effective for managing pain related to tumors, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and inflammation. Cancer itself is a painful disease and the treatments for cancer cause pain, swelling and inflammation.

Massage therapy-This one is a no brainer :) And covered by insurance! I get a massage once a week. Make sure they are aware of what is going on! They should avoid your head and feet!! This is also a great way to release stress, toxins and anxiety.

This is a journey and you will experience brain fog and some short term memory, its frustrating, I know but keep a calendar and notepad so you don't go as crazy. I suggest keeping a journal and definitely a planner to log how you feel everyday. This way you can report to your doctors, look back after and know and also offer your experience to someone else.

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