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Trauma is not your fault, But healing is your responsibility

I was dealt a shit card almost 4 years ago...brain cancer. I had just turned 30, went on the trip of a lifetime to Thailand, met the man of my dreams while in Thailand, was starting so many new adventures and so excited for this new decade and BAM in a matter of hours I went from a healthy 30 year old to a patient confused in the ER at UCLA. Hours later I was now living in a whole new world, a world I never thought could happen...a world of cancer, and in my brain. My life would never be the same and I didn't truly realize how different it changed until now...almost 4 years after my diagnosis. Two brain surgeries, 6 weeks of radiation, 7.5 months of temodar chemotherapy and a lot of aches and pains along the way. Regardless I wasn’t going to give up, ever. I had my first surgery in January 2016 and then went on watch and wait with MRIs every 3 months.. Then, 2 months before hitting the 2 year mark and 2 months after marrying my dream man, I hit another bump...my tumor was back and I needed another brain surgery followed by chemo and radiation. At that time I also I found out I could not get pregnant which is my dream in life, to be a Mom. I later found out IVF, surrogacy and $150,000 is how I could make my dream a reality. It was stressful, painful and so emotional but I NEVER gave up, I knew there is a way and I will one day make it happen.

Complaining these days is INSANE!! People use all platforms possible to try and make themselves victims and to feel sorry for them. Most of these people are complaining about the pettiest shit!!!! Things you complain about others like myself dream and pray for daily!!!!! Next time you go to complain, THINK....can it be fixed?? Can I change this?? My attitude?? Can I get help for this problem? If so, I am sorry but STFU!!!!!!!!! Do you know how many people would love to trade their problem for yours? Another huge complaint is health care costs. Yes it is ridiculous but it is what it is, get over it and guess what TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!! Do you know how many things you could and should be doing with your insurance. Get a therapist and complain to them! Go see a chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, massage therapist for your pains. Join a gym, some insurances even cover them!!!!! Even if there is a small co pay, DO IT!!!! This is for YOU and your present and future self. You will thank yourself, feel so much better and I am sure all your friends and family will as well so they can stop seeing all your negative posts and drama over nothing.

So many people have legit reasons to complain. A chronic illness, cancer, death of a loved one, a sick child, the list goes on!!!! Me for example I have grade 3 brain cancer and I RARELY ever complain and if I do it is because I am not doing good. I mean I could complain, cry and come up with a million excuses everyday to not do things, go places and #1 work on myself, my health and my future BUT I don’t!!!! I keep these things to myself and use resources to help with them. If I want to complain I go to my therapist. If I want to cry, I do. If I am in pain I battle through it and use my resources. This is MY life and no one is going to save me but myself and I know that. If I give up on myself, guess what so will everyone else. If I want to be healthy, live healthy and work on myself every single day like I do, then others like my amazing support system will support that. Most even follow some of my protocols, diet, exercise, supplements, cannabis etc. I DO everything I can to make sure I am never a victim because I know how much I can do and I do it!!!! Trust me it’s not easy, just because you see me at the gym, acupuncture, chiropractor, a mediation or sound bath, on the beach, traveling or cooking up some yummy Keto recipes doesn’t mean all is great but it does mean I am good and I know it could be way worse! I am good, doing good and that is because I am working on it, on myself. I will continue to spread awareness of being an advocate for yourself, friends, family and strangers!!! Only you are responsible for you and no one can change that but YOU!! Now go, do your research, take advantage of your insurance and turn your negatives into positives! Shit if I knew I could be doing all these wonderful things I am already paying for, I would have been doing them for years!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick, healthy, depressed, lonely.........YOU can do anything you want and #1 is YOU!

And remember this- Healing is our responsibility because “healing” is actually not returning to how and who we were before, it is becoming someone we have never been — someone stronger, someone wiser, someone kinder. We are into the holidays...weeks away from 2020 makes this year YOURS! XoXo

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