My step by step daily regime


Like anything in life you want to change and make part of your daily routine you need to turn it into a lifestyle. Have a purpose for why you are doing these things. A daily regime consists of consistency. 

This is what I use/do daily and sometimes twice daily. More info can be found in my blog.

Frankincense Oil- I use frankincense oil in the morning and before bed. I use about 6 drops a day behind both ears, back of neck and along my tumor which I determine where it is by the scar. I also diffuse the oil especially during recovery and treatments when I have inflammation. 


MODIFIED Ketogenic Diet-During treatments I followed the ketogenic diet 100%. It is a very high fat, low carb, no sugar diet. I know it worked because I did very well during treatments and with eating. I stuck with it about 2 years but then felt I needed a bit more fruits and vegetables so I added those in. I still stick to about 20g carbs a day and 5g sugar but this all comes from fruits and vegetables. I have links in my blog post ketogenic diet.


Supplements: I take ALOT! I work with naturopathic oncologist Dr. Kristin Green in Thousand Oaks, CA. See holistic protocol blog for the full details.


Turmeric and Curcumin- I use turmeric in everything I make. You can add it to any food and even tea and coffee. I also take 2 turmeric supplements daily. Consuming a healthy amount of turmeric in every day’s meals can greatly help the body from metastasizing tumors. A regular dosage of 100% certified organic turmeric with at least 95% curcuminoids is recommended for intake. More useful information can be found at

Supplements- I start the day with royal jelly and Lipsomal vitamin C on an empty stomach. Through the day I take Magnesium, Turmeric, Goli apple cider vinegar gummies, green tea capsules or 2 cups green tea, L theanine, Neora EHT brain health supplement, Neora youth factor supplement, Neora Pre/Pro Biotics all Neora products can be found at 

With food I take Coriolus Versicolor SAP supplement twice a day


Cannabis Oil-I use cannabis oil 6xs a day. I use a mixture of THC and CBD and place 2 drops of each under my tongue (leave it for a few seconds in the vein in the middle of your tongue to absorb, that vein goes straight to your brain) and then swallow. THC requires building a tolerance. I started with 2, then 4 now on 12 and working my way to 16 drops a day. For someone with brain cancer and the high risk of it coming back the suggested dose it to get to 230mg of THC and 320mg of CBD. I use a 1:1 THC and 5000mg CBD. These have been my life savers during radiation and chemo!!! I haven't needed to use anything else for my headaches or nausea and once I figured it out I haven't even had a headache or nausea since day 2 of starting treatments!!  #CannabisCures #cbd #thc


Exercise- This one is important! I know it is hard enough to work out when your healthy but working out post surgery, after a diagnosis, going through treatments, living with a brain tumor or on anti seizure meds you have super low energy and constantly feel tired. I have to wake up and get it over it in the morning or I will never do it. Besides getting in shape it helps with your mind and feeling all around better. It is especially important while undergoing treatments as well! Start from the first few days if you can and make it a habit. Wear your gym clothes to treatments and go straight from there to the gym. I started and now feeling great! After the gym go home eat, shower and nap!! 


Positivity- Take it day by day and be grateful for every breath. It is easy to get down but remember it could always be worse! You are alive, you are breathing and you are here for a reason. Remember that and strive to find positivity in everyday. I find helping people and making others smile and have hope makes me feel happy. To get your daily dose of positive vibes follow my foundation Positive Vibes Cancer Foundation or 



Note: I have taken the utmost care and precaution while writing this article. That being said, please take note I am in no way a medical professional and none of the above is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This information is all based off my research in hope to help and share what I have found and am trying in order to hopefully prevent the return of my brain tumor.


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